Become a MAC Member

Steps to Becoming a MAC Member

Are you ready to become a MAC member of our one-of-a-kind comprehensive navigation services? Whether you are signing up for yourself or on behalf of an individual with special needs we have made the signup process just as seamless as our program.

Our Eligibility Process

In order for Morgan’s MAC to provide the tailored and personalized care program for everyone, we have implemented an eligibility process to get MAC members off on the right foot. Anyone interested in becoming a MAC member of this comprehensive navigation services will first need to complete the Pre-Screening Form. From there one of Morgan’s MAC’s Intake Navigators will review the form and the eligibility of the applicant. They will also review the level of support needed by using a digital screening algorithm of data captured during intake.

If eligible, the Intake Navigator will call the client to get them started on the steps to becoming a MAC member. If ineligible for services, the Intake Navigator will call client and provide resources that would assist support needed.


Get Assigned a Navigator

Once an applicant has been marked as eligible for Morgan’s MAC Care Program, the Intake Navigator will assign them to an appropriate MAC Navigator depending on the level of support needed. MAC Navigators will connect with new MAC members and help them complete a Non-Medical Drivers of Health (NMDOH) assessment as well as create an individualized MAC Care Plan.

Once a new MAC member has completed these two steps they will be provided with a written roadmap. This will provide details on follow ups, referrals, supports, and links required for the MAC member to achieve goals and completions set by their MAC Care Plan.


The MAC Nav System

The MACNav™ System (MAC Nav) is based upon cross-organizational relationships where community partners work together to assist individuals with special-needs. All points of the MAC Nav help identify all the member’s needs and navigate them through their service options.

Once MAC Members complete the intake process and enter information on The MACNav™ System, they are ready to manage their MAC Care Plan all through the MAC Nav. All appointment scheduling, communication, MAC Care Plan information, and resources will be located in this easy to use tool.


Thank you for your interest and support and we look forward to working with you and your family. If you have any questions, please contact our team at 210-817-3935 or