Ultra-Accessibility at Morgan's Mac

What does Ultra-Accessible™ mean?

Ultra-Accessible™ means that everyone has the same opportunity to be included and participate intentionally in their community. An Ultra-Accessible™ community should provide environments for people of all abilities where they are set up for mobility, access, and success. Furthermore, Ultra-Accessible™ environments should include adaptations and accommodations which blend in seamlessly to the surroundings and never attract unnecessary attention to their use or existence. To be Ultra-Accessible™ requires intentional design strategies by understanding the needs of individuals with disabilities and the barriers that hinder them from participating in their community to their maximum potential. Once these barriers are identified, careful consideration must be given to the programming and design of new facilities to remove those obstacles and barriers for as many people as possible. With the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, a minimum set of standards was established to define accessibility. Not only does Ultra-Accessibility™ go above and beyond the ADA standards, but it is also committed to furthering Ultra-Accessible™ and Universal Design concepts in all Morgan’s Wonderland-related projects. Additionally, Morgan’s encourages the community to consider the Ultra-Accessible™ model at the inception of all future developments.

Ultra-Accessible™ at Morgan's MAC


ADA requires doorways to be 36 inches to accommodate wheelchairs. Morgan's MAC will have doorways of 42 inches to ensure all wheelchairs can navigate through with ample room.

Sound Absorbing Floors

All floors at Morgan's MAC will be sound absorbing. This will decrease distractions and create a more sensory friendly acoustic atmosphere throughout the facility. In addition, the floors will be easier to walk on and be more resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Pink Noise

Pink noise will be used to help those with sensory sensitivities not be disturbed or harmed by outside noises. This will help when meeting with Navigators and MACers to ensure privacy and reduce distracting sounds.

Family Restrooms with Adult Changing Station and Shower

Every floor will have family restrooms with adult changing stations and showers to help with safer transfers, comfortable positioning, and a secure space for caregivers to aid individuals with disabilities and special needs.

Sound Reducing Wall Panels

Morgan's MAC will be equipped with strategically sound absorbing panels to reduce unwanted sound, reduce stress and increased privacy when meeting with Navigators and MACers.

Braille for Signage

All signage at Morgan's MAC will include braille for low vision visitors.

Wheelchair Accessible and Availability

Doorways and hallways will be not only ADA compliant but have been configured to be wider to accommodate for the needs of larger equipment. Wheelchairs will also be available for visitors at Morgan's MAC.

Service Animal Area

The outdoor courtyard at Morgan's MAC will include a service animal area which will include a grassy area, waste bags and a place to dispose of waste.

Home Lab

The Home Lab is a natural home environment where MAC Members and their families will have the opportunity to practice activities of daily living with the support of their providers. The Home Lab is a comfortable setting that promotes inclusion and active participation to generalize real-life activities such as eating, dressing, hygiene, food preparation, housekeeping and social skills using everyday materials as well as assistive technology.

Quiet Rooms

Morgan's MAC has designed three Quiet Rooms which individuals can use to stim or retreat when feeling overstimulated. These Quiet Rooms will be located on the first floor, with each room having its own theme; De-escalation, Sensory friendly redirection, and Entertainment.

Mother’s Nursing Lounge

There will be three lactation rooms to provide a quiet and private space for nursing mothers to either pump or breastfeed during their visit to Morgan's MAC.

Thank you for your interest and support and we look forward to working with you and your family. If you have any questions, please contact our team at 210-817-3935 or MACInfo@morganswonderland.com.