Evaluation and Research Coordinating Center

Coordinating INCLUSIVE and INNOVATIVE Research to Increase EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT throughout the MAC community

Morgan’s MAC is partnering with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to create the Evaluation and Research Coordinating Center (ERCC). The purpose of the ERCC will be to provide an external assessment function for Morgan’s MAC Care Model by measuring outcomes and identifying research opportunities. The evaluation plan employed by the ERCC is informed by Morgan’s Multi-Assistance Center (MAC) mission and vision, workgroup goals and perceived metrics of success, MAC outcomes and traditional evaluation metrics used in this area of work.


Morgan’s MAC aims to be a comprehensive navigation services that provides medical and non-medical services for individuals with special needs of all ages. Service delivery is designed to be comprehensive, complementary, and synergistic, thus providing a better experience for individuals with special needs as well as better outcomes through improved coordination and communication among the different providers. Key aspects of the MAC model are that it is: (1) person- and family-centered, (2) efficient, (3) holistic, and (4) integrated.

The MAC Approach

Our approach is a Community-Driven, Collective-Impact Model. This model is based on collaboration across partners and organizations to result in greater synergy and follow-through for better care. Morgan’s MAC will be data-driven and outcomes-based. Measuring and reporting progress will be key to assessing Morgan’s MAC’s effectiveness and making future improvements. The metrics should measure individual MAC success but also the additional benefits from the coordinated model for the client, family, MACer and system.

Community organizations with a presence at Morgan’s MAC will provide services such as social, legal, financial planning, long-term care planning, housing, job training, education, and peer support.

Although there will be many partner organizations, Morgan’s MAC will have one centralized web presence, phone system and Welcome Center.

All services provided at Morgan’s MAC have been designed in a framework called Morgan’s MAC Care Model™, which will provide clients with services they require in one network.

Thank you for your interest and support and we look forward to working with you and your family. If you have any questions, please contact our team at 210-817-3935 or